Knot Wire Wheels with Stem

-Knot wire wheels with a permanently attached 1/4″ stem or shank are primarily intended foruse on high-speed die grinders.
-Although they can also be mounted onto a drill, the speed and power of that tool will limit the effectiveness of the brush.
-Featuring Weiler’s individual knot hole construction, these radial wheels are available in heat-treated steel and Type 302 stainless steel wire.
-Removing powder-coating, epoxy based paints, and rubberized coatings
-Cleaning scale and heavy corrosion
-Weld preparation and cleaning
-Removing heavy burrs from large pieces after cutting
-Dia: 3-1/4″
-Wire Size: .014
-No. of Knots: 20
-Face Width: 3/8″
-Trim Length: 5/8″
-Max RPM: 25,000



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