Power and Hand Tube Brushes
-Weiler offers a comprehensive line of power and hand tube brushes for internal cleaningand deburring applications in tubing, pipe, drilled-and-tapped holes, and machined bores and passages.
-Due to their twisted-in-wire construction, the use of power tube brushes is limited to low-speed power tools such drills and drill presses and to CNC and manual machine tools in which the RPM can be precisely programmed or set.
-In addition, they should not be used in reverse rotation to prevent unraveling of the stem wire.
-Available in a wide variety of brush configurations and fill materials.
-Deburring and cleaning drilled-and- tapped holes and other internal threads
-Cleaning and finishing the ID of tubing and pipe
-Removing burrs and chips from internal keyways, slots, and grooves
-Removing paint, coatings, and build-up other foreign material from the surfaces of bores and passages
-Crosshole deburring
-Dia: 7/8″
-Wire Size: .0104
-Brush Part: 2-1/2″
-Stem Dia: 1/4″
-Overall Length: 5-1/2″



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