CPU03 Aerosolv Venting System

The Aeroslov puncturing unit threads directly to the 2″ bung of any 30-gallon or 55-gallon. Simply place an aerosol can into the Aerosolv unit and lock the safety cap. With a press of the handle, a carbide-tipped puncture pin pierces the dome of the can. The carbide-tip is non-sparking, one of many safety features you’ll appreciate about the Aerosolv system.

-Easy-to-use, hand-operated, no power source necessary
-Handle moves a puncture pin through a fluid-tight chamber and pierces can
-No worker contact required
-Unique carbon filter coalesces VOCs in filter reservoir; residual contents safely collected in drum
-Excellent savings on hazardous waste disposal coasts
-Punctured cans may be recycled as scrap metal
-Drum may be eligible for reclamation through a hazardous waste handler, resulting n “waste minimization” credit
-Accommodates cans in wide assortment of shapes and sizes
-Puncture pin designed for long-term use; no visible wear after puncturing 10,000 cans



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