930-AA Series Multi-Purpose Grease – 1Gal

-Formulated for higher temperature applications
-They are shear stable,multi-purpose greases for both plain and anti-friction bearings
-This series works well up to 375 F and for short intervals up to 40 F
-Non-melt drop point
-Smooth, tan grease
-Capable of withstanding extreme pressure
-For cup type lubes and water pumps in applications operating at high temperatures
-For high temperature applications, automatic dispensers, and under extreme pressure
-Uses include both plain and anti-friction bearings
-For centralized greasing systems, operating at high temperatures
-Grease Type: Bentone
-Specific Gravity: 0.9400 [Min], 0.9700 [Max]
-Thickener: Benetone
-Odor: Mineral Oil
-Physical Form: Paste or Gel
-Applications: Multi-Purpose
-Resistance: Wear, Water
-Type: Multi-Purpose Grease
-USDA approved, H2



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