Gas Detector Gas 1 – Docking Station

-Test 4 units at one time, up to 12 instruments in a minute
-Easy 1 buttonoperation
-Robust rechargeable internal battery, hundreds of tests before recharging
-Internal gas cylinder regulator and pressure gauge
-2 GB USB memory for bump test and event log storage
-Optional unit configuration and firmware updates via GCT Manager Software
-Rugged Pelican© case or Wall Mount Dock
-No computer required to operate
Pelican Case Version: 18.50” × 14.06” × 6.93”
(47 cm × 35.7 cm × 17.6 cm)
Wall Mount SGC Dock Version: 17.00” × 11.00” × 1.75”; (Top) / 2.50” (Bottom)
(43.2 cm × 27.9 cm × 4.4 cm (Top) / 6.4
cm (Bottom))
-Information Stored
Bump/Calibration Logs, Individual monitor event logs, Firmware (unit and docking station) and Unit Configurations
-Unit Compatibility
Works with all SGC and SGC Plus instruments
-Calibration Gas
58L or 116L gas cylinders; larger cylinder configurations available



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