General Feeler Gauge 15-Blade

-General’s Feeler Gauges are used for adjusting and gauging spark plugs, distributorpoints and valve clearances, or any other instance of measuring the space between two parts.
-Our best-selling Economy Series Gages provide spot-on accuracy at a competitive price. -This 15 Leaf Economy Feeler Gage features 6″ straight leaves etched with both Metric and English units, ranging from .002″ to .025″ and .051mm to .65mm.
-The set is housed in a protective holder to preserve the trueness of the leaf edges.
Features & Benefits :
-Longer leaves allow accurate measuring inhard-to-reach places
-Gage includes .002, .003, .004, .005, .006,.007, .008, .010, .011, .012, .013, .014, .015,.020, and .025″
-Metric range is from .051 to .635mm



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