Fault-Finder Developer

-Part # 064-01073
-Non-destructive test quickly locates cracks and defects in metals, glass,and plastic.
-Certified low in chlorine and sulfur-bearing solvents.
-Conforms to MIL-I-25135
-Active ingredients meet chlorine and sulfer requirements of NAVSHIPS 250-1500, and MIL STD 271.
-Apply Cleaner, apply Penetrant, wipe apply Developer, inspect.
-Applications: metal, plastic, and glass.
-Ideal for welding, automotive manufacturing and repair, oil drilling, foundries, etc.

-Fault Finder Developer:
-Use in Step #3 of the Fault-Finder non-destructive test system to reveal any defects on the part being treated.
-Certified low in chlorine and sulfur-bearing solvents.



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