Buff & Blend Cross Buffs

-Cross Buffs are ideal for polishing and cleaning inside diameters and hard-to-reachareas on metal surfaces.
-Its unique design conforms to I.D.s. Perfect for automotive and other applications.
-Removing surface oxidation, rust and surface coatings for part inspection; surface preparation prior to coating; removing corrosion on Steel Rule and Kirksite dies.
-Polishing round and square tubing, valve spools, molds, dies and inside diameters of lifter bores, valve bodies and brake cylinders.
-Durable construction withstands heavy edge work while blending and polishing; long life
-Extended duration and rate of cut
-Satin finishes on soft metals
-Eliminates changing critical tolerances
-Quick change
-Size x Width: 1″ x 3/8″
-Ply: 2
-Eyelet: 8-32
-Grade: HS Medium
-Color: Blue
-Max RPM: 20,000



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