3M Yellow Super Weatherstrip and Gasket Adhesive

3M Yellow Super 3Mvariations Super Weatherstrip Adhesive is a strong,flexible, rubbery adhesive that can withstand vibration, oil, grease, and extreme temperature variations. It can be used to bond weatherstripping to car doors, trunks, T-tops, moon roofs and sun roofs. It is an excellent adhesive for holding paper, cork, or rubber gaskets in place during installation. It provides the strength and rapid setting needed to hold weatherstripping, vinyl headliners, and side panels in place. In racing, this adhesive is often used to bond lug nuts to the rims so that the pit crew can rapidly tighten replacement wheels onto the vehicle with an air wrench.Features:High StrengthFlexibleAdhesion To Many Substrates Fast DryingGood Oil and Water Resistance High Temperature ResistanceTypical Physical Properties:Container: 5 oz. Tube Base: Neoprene Rubber Density in lbs/Gallon: (Appx.) 7.6 Color: Yellow Flash Point: -14?F Viscosity (CPS): Brookfield Viscometer 4,500 CPS Solids Content: (Appx.) 39.0% Consistency: Heavy Liquid Service Temperature: -20 to -300 F Directions for Use:Thoroughly clean surfaces to be bonded. Wiping with 3M™ General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner (P.N. 08984 or P.N. 08987) will aid in removing oil and dirt. Apply a thin, uniform coat of adhesive on each surface. Allow adhesive to dry until tacky but will not transfer to your knuckle when touched (maximum dry time about 4 minutes). Assemble materials with sufficient pressure to ensure contact. Greater initial strength may be obtained by reactivating. To reactivate, coat both surfaces with adhesive and allow to dry tack free. Lightly coat surface with at thin coat of adhesive or lightly wipe with 3M™ General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner (P.N. 08984). Complete bond within 30 seconds.Applications:Weatherstrip and Gasketing Adhesive.Cloth and supported vinyl bonding.General rubber bonding.Good adhesion to wood, metals, painted surfaces and some plastics.Storage and Handling:Store at room temperature. Rotate stock on a ” first-in-first-out ” basis. When stored at the recommended conditions in original, unopened containers, this product has a shelf life of 12 months.Precautionary Information:Refer to Product Label and Material Safety Data Sheet for Health and Safety Information before using this product. and Gasket Adhesive



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